ECOHAUS by SL Design Build

Off Grid re-newable energy powered house design
Integrated systems of solar and passive solar technologies
Sustainable building materials from local source
High endurance, low maintenance and carbon footprint
A healthy living environment free of chemical off gassing

Designed for self empowered efficient living, combining design sensibilities, sustainability as well as severe weather protection

Design Build with DURISOL building block, made in Ontario and manufactured internationally in many parts of the world. 

DURISOL A sustainable building material that honours both sustainable and local, principles and economies. 

Future home trend 2020 is suggesting that all homes of lasting value will be built with an integrated system of solar and passive energy. An eco-house is designed and built in a way that reduces the building's negative impact on human health and the environment, through better design, construction, operation and maintanance'. 

ECOHOUSE by Rowland Jefferie's is a fully self sustainable, 'off  grid'  home.  Build with Durisol block, an eco-friendly, alternative energy, home building systems solutions. Focused on innovative space planning for a home of the future, custom designed to graecfuly suite each individuals changing needs.


ECOHAUS by SL Toronto
ECOHAUS by SL Design Build
ECOHAUS is a combination of sustainable design, sustainable development and sustainable living. Being in harmony with nature, providing less of an impact on the environment and lower operation cost. 

Introducing, ECOHAUS MODERNE Design Build state of art, living concept, develpment of 1350 & 1850 sq.ft. of self sutainable luxury living,   An intelligent floor plan that supports  today  lifestyles and one's ever changing  needs. Like aging gracefully in your own  home, designed with ergonomic considerations such as pocket doors designed for easy  wheel chair access and a flooplan supporting a secondary suite for live in, help family or guests. 

Build your own Custom ECOHAUS!  Approved Architectural Building Plans, ready to share with our clients. 

 ECOHOUSE 1350 and 1850

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