​​ECOHAUS Alternative Energy Home 

ECOHAUS BUILDING PLANS are specifically detailed for Durisol Block Construction.  The only ICF building block on the market offering passive solar storage benefits.

Passive Solar System using Sustainable Building Materials, that store energy, reducing heating and cooling, offering severe weather protection and reducing insurance costs.
Six Sided Design: Allows more directional options, maximizing view potential when positioning on site location.
Intelligent Floor Plan: Allows conversion to ‘secondary suites’ for accommodation of  live in, or in laws, supporting Aging at Home ergonomics considerations |ensuite pocket doors eliminating cumbersome 90 degree door swing that impede wheel chair access.
Roof: Designed to withstand severe weather, extreme snow loads and support Green Roof Technology.
Rainwater | Grey Water System | Harvesting of roof rainwater.
Options in Window Placing,  available where possible.

Space planning on fourty five degree angles floor plan, accommodates comfortably todays lifestyle, wether downsizing or expanding. 

ECOHAUS is designed for todays lifestyle needs. ECOHAUS  Build for of life! 

Sustainable Living Inc.
PLAN EH 1358 SQ Ft. 

FLOORS          1
BEDROOMS   1 - 3

GARAGE          0  
CARPORT        1


Internationally approved building plans,  artist's sketch of what the house would look like once built and index sheet.
A.02 General Notes: These hi-lite interior and exterior elements that require specific information for their construction. Adjustments to the plans may be required before construction begins to meet specific local building codes.
A.04  Foundation Plan:  The plan notes in detail: the location of bearing walls, footings , rebar placement, exterior wall detail and other structural elements.
A.05  Floor Plan: A 1/4” scale floor plan layout. Dimensions: Room sq. ft. / wall lengths. Fixture locations e.g.: sinks /  water heaters /  wood boiler / etc.
A.06  Roof Framing:  A Joist, Beam, Girder, Lintel Construction methods Specifications.     
A.07 /
A.08 / A.09,  Exterior Elevation: Elevations convey the non-perspective view with measurements e.g.: windows doors  specify ridge heights, final grade of the lot, exterior finishes, roof pitches and other details. 
A.10  Cross Sections and Details: A cross section views the home from the side, Detailing Floor Heating Backfill. Roof Drain Detail, Window / Lintel Framing Detail, ExterioStucco Finish Detail.
For Package Options,  Pricing and Plan Downloaddable PDF or EPS format options.  Contact,  Rowland Jefferies,  at Sustainable Living Inc. 416 787-2631


Drawings showing Electrical, Plumbing, Mechanical Systems, Routing and Solar. 
Let's talk about your ECOHAUS! 

ECOHAUS Plans meet or exceed the International Residential Code* 
Review your plans with local architect or construction professional before construction begins.
The owner and contractor assume all responsibility to meet local building codes.